How does our service work?

After you book our Funeral Live Streaming Services, we will immediately provide you with a private YouTube link. You can send this link out to your family and friends. It will not be public on YouTube. We typically use YouTube, as it is an easy platform that most people are comfortable with. We arrive early and set up a professional video camera, sound board and all the equipment necessary. Furthermore, we set up and test everything and plan to be ready an hour before your guests arrive. We can help with the playing of slide shows and adjusting of the microphone volume so that everyone in the room and on the livestream can hear perfectly. After the service, we will send you a recording of the event. The video on YouTube will also be available after the service, so online guests can watch anytime. Please contact us, and we can quickly determine what your Livestreaming needs are, and send you a formal quote.

2023 Packages for Virtual Funerals

Graveside Funeral Service

We provide a complete professional audiovisual package with everything that is required for an outdoor graveside funeral. We supply a Professional 4K Camera, Webcasting Computer, Audio Mixer, Wireless Microphone on stand and everything necessary for a high quality HD stream. Likewise, we will have everything set up and ready for you an hour before the guests arrive. Our experienced technician will arrive early to allow for a proper set up and streaming test. The technician will monitor the sound during the stream to make sure everyone watches online can hear perfectly. Since Power and Internet are likely not available, we will bring a Portable Broadband Internet Connection and a Silent DC Generator to power all the equipment. Also included in this package is a pop-up tent to keep the AV equipment dry. A copy of the recording is included in all our streaming packages and will be emailed to you via within 48 hours after the service. If Covid restrictions allow for larger groups, we can provide a portable sound system, so everyone attending will hear.

Indoor Funeral Service

An indoor video stream package includes most of the same equipment mentioned above, plus we can personalize the memorial webcast. We can include any photos, slideshows or video tributes that you provide. The possibilities for customization of the video stream are limitless. We have worked in most of the venues in town, and we are experts at interfacing our equipment with the in-house equipment that the funeral home provides. If we haven’t worked in the funeral home previously, we will make arrangements to visit the site in advance.  A copy of the recording is included and will be emailed to you via within 48 hours after the service.

Additional Equipment and Services we can provide

  • Screens and Projectors

  • Lecterns / Podiums

  • PA Systems

  • Microphones

  • Internet Access

  • Additional Cameras to film guests arrival

  • Photos Inserted into Stream at the beginning or end

  • Welcome Slide Inserted at the beginning of Stream

  • Celebration of Life Events

  • Remote call-in or Two Way Video


Attendees can watch from home and also have an opportunity to speak to the group and on the Stream

  • Video Overflow

Funeral - Graveside Service
Funeral Live Stream
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Looking for something slightly different from our standard options?

Tell us what you need and we can customize our services for you.